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How to Share Pathao Rides?

  • Nepal
  • September 13, 2018
Pathao Rides

How to Share Pathao Rides?

  1. When you receive a request and the destination is suitable for you, press the ACCEPT button to accept the ride request.
  2. After accepting the request, please contact the user.
  3. To call the user, press the phone icon beside his/her name. Please be professional while speaking to them
  4. Once you reach the pick up point, you must press the WAITING button.
  5. After you pick up the user, you must press the START button, and then the YES option.
  6. Remember to press YES or else the ride will not start – and hence you will fail to collect the actual fare.
  7. When you reach your destination, press the END button and then YES to end the ride.
  8. Collect the fare amount that is displayed on your app and then press the I HAVE COLLECTED button to confirm.

Fare Details

Pathao Base Fare Fare per km Charge per minute
Rides रू15 रू25 0

Essential tips for Pathao riders:

  • You must use a helmet during trips. It is advisable to also have a spare helmet with you at all times.
  • Do not accelerate unnecessarily,execute any stunts or lean in during on and off trips. Use emergency brakes only when necessary
  • Check your bike’s fuel level, tire pressure, headlight, taillight and brake fluids before you start your trip.
  • You can only carry one pillion during each trip. Do not attempt to carry more than one user as this will cause you to lose balance leading to an accident
  • Do not use your phone during on trip. If necessary, safely pull your bike to one side and finish using your phone before start again
  • Do not attempt to unnecessarily overtake any vehicle. Use your horn to signal the vehicle in front before overtaking it.
  • While on trip, do not stay directly behind the vehicle in front. This is known as the driver’s blind spot. Always ride with your headlights on and stay visible by staying in the front vehicle’s side view mirror
  • You must indicate and look in your side view mirror for vehicles before you change lanes. Remember to lookout for turning vehicles
  • Do not ride if you are tired, stressed or drowsy as it can impair your ability to react, so make sure that you are well rested when you hit the road.
  • You must obey the speed limit. The faster you go the longer it will take you to stop.
  • Beware of local traffic laws and rules
  • Try to apply both front and rear brakes simultaneously to avoid locking wheels
  • Ride cautiously at low speeds during bad weather conditions like rain