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Got a Car?

These are the services you can be a part of!

  • Pathao Car

Why Join the Pathao Family?

Being with Pathao means being on the highest earning platform! So, what are you waiting for? Join us to earn the most!

  • Your Ride is Insured Your Ride is Insured Pathao cares about your safety. And to keep you safe, Pathao is giving you insurance coverage.
  • Earn More with Bonus Earn More with Bonus With Pathao’s daily quests and attractive special offers, you can extra regularly.
  • Get Your Payment on Time Get Your Payment on Time With Pathao, you will never face a delay in payment. Get your payment in the shortest time!

Know if You’re Eligible to Join Us

Not sure if you’re eligible to be a Captain? If you have the following, you can join us!

  • 1
    You must have an Android Phone With a smartphone, you can easily download and work with the Pathao Drive app.
  • 2
    You must have your car’s registration paper You must have your car’s registration paper in order to become a part of Pathao.
  • 3
    You must have driving license To be a captain of Pathao, you must have a valid driver’s license.
  • 4
    You must have your car’s updated fitness paper To register your car with Pathao, you must have updated fitness paper for your car.
  • 5
    National ID/Passport In order to register as a rider, you either have an updated national ID or passport.
  • 6
    Tax Token To register with Pathao you must present your tax token.
  • 7
    Insurance You should have the insurance papers with you at the time of registering with Pathao.

How you can give a ride?

Be sure to Download the Pathao Drive App.

Sign up on the drive app and keep your status online.

Make sure your GPS is at high accuracy and wait for a ride request.

Frequently Asked Questions

It might be due to: Incorrect payment details / bounced payments Disqualified due to fraud Insufficient completion rate Oversight / back-end error
Please try to follow the instruction below: Please go to settings from mobile handset > Then Go to Sound & Notification > after that go to notification settings > Select App Manager/ Notification manager > Find Pathao Drive App & select that > On Allow Notification, Priority & Sound notification. And Go to your mobile settings option>> Go to app settings>> Then press Maps>> Then Clear Cache>> On the same way, Clear Cache of Pathao Drive App>> Then go to Pathao Drive App and set your location by pressing GPS button on home page. In the next Step, Go to google maps app>> Set your present location by pressing GPS Button>> Then go to settings>> Then go to Google location settings>> Check Pathao drive app to use in high accuracy mode. After all that please restart your Pathao drive app. If your problem does not solve by following the above mention process then please UNINSTALL your Pathao drive app and re-install it from google play store. Make sure the Pathao drive app version is updated. Hoping your problem will be solved.
First of all please update your app to the latest version. Then follow the below steps: Setting >> Apps or Application Manager/Installed app >> Google Play Service > Clear cache and Clear data and also update your Google Play Service Setting >> Apps or Application Manager/Installed app >> Google Play Store > Clear cache and Clear data and After completing all the steps please restart your handset. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved.
To update your document, please take a clear picture (possibly scan copy) and send us through any channels below: 1. Mail docs@pathao.com 2. WhatsApp 01904488259 3. Viber 01904488259 4. Imo 01904488259 (Do not forget to mention your contact number that is registered to Pathao). Thank you for being with Pathao!