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Efficiency and Equity: Pathao Introduces Cancellation and Waiting Fee

Efficiency and Equity: Pathao Introduces Cancellation and Waiting Fee

Dear Pathao Community,

We are excited to announce a significant enhancement to our platform that is set to improve the experience for both our valued users and dedicated drivers. Pathao is introducing the Cancellation Fee & Waiting Fee feature, designed to foster a fair and efficient ecosystem for everyone involved.

Cancellation Fee: Ensuring Fairness for All

Cancellation fees are a crucial aspect of any ride-sharing platform, and Pathao is committed to minimizing cancellations for the benefit of both users and drivers. Here’s a breakdown of how the Cancellation Fee feature works:

If a ride has been accepted by a driver, and the driver invests time and effort by traveling a significant distance towards the pickup point, or waits for an extended period of 10 minutes at the user’s pickup location, a cancellation fee of 22 BDT will be charged to the user upon cancellation by driver or user. The cancellation fee amount will be instantly adjusted to the affected driver’s account. 

Users have the opportunity to appeal cancellation fees by reviewing the charges. Appeals will be diligently reviewed within 30-45 minutes. The cancellation fee will be adjusted with the user’s next trip.

Waiting Fee: Acknowledging Drivers’ Time and Effort

Waiting fees are introduced to recognize and compensate drivers for their time spent waiting at pickup locations. Here’s what you need to know:

If a driver accepts a ride and reaches the pickup destination, waiting for more than 10 minutes, a 20 BDT waiting fee will be applied to the final fare upon completion of the ride. Similar to cancellation fees, the waiting fee amount will be added at the end of the ride. Drivers will be promptly notified of the waiting fee through push and in-app notifications. The details will also be accessible in their due and earning statements, along with an acknowledgment will be available at the end of the ride receipt. 

At Pathao, we believe in transparency, fairness, and creating a thriving community for both users and drivers. The introduction of the Cancellation Fee & Waiting Fee feature is a testament to our commitment to continuously enhance your experience on our platform.

The cancellation fee is only applicable in Dhaka & Chittagong city and for Pathao Car only at this moment.

In a nutshell

  • If the driver waits for more than 10 minutes at the user’s pickup location, a cancellation fee of 22 BDT will be charged on the user if the trip is canceled by either party.
  • If the trip is canceled after 10 minutes by the user while the driver is still heading towards the pickup location and has already covered a significant portion of the distance, the user might be charged a cancellation fee.
  • If the driver waits for more than 10 minutes at the pickup location, upon completion of the ride a 20 BDT waiting fee will be added with the final fare.
  • Users will be able to send for appeal review for any charged cancellation fee trip. The result will be provided within 30-45 minutes.
  • Users can pay their cancellation fee amount through digital payment or incur the fee amount with the next immediate trip.

Why is this change necessary?

  • Pathao aims to reduce cancellations for a better user and driver experience.
  • The features ensure fairness, transparency, and timely compensation for drivers.
  • Users can conveniently manage and appeal fees through the app interface.
  • The introduction of these features aligns with Pathao’s commitment to an efficient and equitable ride-sharing ecosystem.

Thank you for being a part of the Pathao journey. Ride on, responsibly!


The Pathao Team