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Pathao, Safety and the Emergency Hotline

Pathao, Safety, and the Emergency Hotline

Pathao has always cared about your safety! Today, I want to run through some of our safety features and initatives that we have and are live, and some which are coming in the next few weeks.


As we onboard any of our drivers, we collect their personal identification and driving documentation. Each active ride as they happen have their route tracked, and certain metadata is collected around the ride. All of this, and the history of the rides together, means that anyone who is on the Pathao platform is always trackable.

The thought behind this has been that if an unfortunate issue occurs between our riders/captains or our users, we would have the ability to help the authorities in tracking the perpetrator and bringing that person into justice.

In case of unfortunate incidents, this has helped multiple times. We have actively collaborated with the authorities in making ride sharing in Dhaka safer for everyone through the use of our technology.

Share a RideYou can always share a ride that you are on with your friends and family. This allows you to always tell your friends where you are.

HelmetsOne of our biggest challenges have been to enforce helmets on both our riders and our customers.

Recently we have also been disbursing thousands of helmets to our drivers and customers,in collaboration with DMP, as an effort to make sure everyone move safe.

Emergency Hotline

Emergency Hotline

Today we would like to introduce a new feature – Emergency Hotline.

In collaboration with Bangladesh Road Transport Authority and Dhaka Metropolitan Police – we are now making it easier than ever to connect with the government control room, where, depending on the nature of the emergency, the caller can get access to Ambulance, Fire Station, Police or even talk directly with a government agent.

While this feature was always available as a card, we are bringing it front and center in our next release.

Emergency Hotline

In the coming weeks, we are going to collaborate even further with the government and related parties to make our emergency responses even faster and better. This includes sending contact details and your position to the emergency response team in one-click, instead of a phone call it is now. Our biggest concern is moving you safely.

Are these features enough?

We are working tirelessly with our rider partners, the local community and the authorities in making sure you move safely on a Pathao. There is still a lot more for us to do. Within the next few weeks we are also bringing in Safety Coverage for all Pathao Riders, Captains and Users for the peace of mind as you travel.

We are also toughening our screening process and being more active on removing drivers (and users!) with poor ratings. These changes will improve the quality of the platform and make Pathao great again.

Millions of people travel on Pathao every month. As they choose Pathao, they also chose to trust us, as a platform, to make sure they reach their destination safely. We are working tirelessly day and night, and as a team, to make sure we deserve that trust. And there is very far for us to go.

— written by Hussain M Elius

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