Accidental Claim Support – Pathao Rides

[Medical Expense Reimbursement and Financial Support

in Road Accidents During Pathao Rides]

General Terms


Pathao Limited is the market leader in the ridesharing service in Bangladesh, operating under the Ridesharing Service Guidelines 2017 to ease and speed up daily life in the jam-clogged megacity by providing a safe and convenient ridesharing platform for the city-dwellers.

Since its inception, Pathao has been committed to adding new features and coming up with new initiatives to cater to the changing customer needs and to promote the steady growth of the ridesharing industry in Bangladesh. In line with this policy, Pathao has put forward its new program: `Accidental Claim Support’ for the passengers and riders (including both the motorbike and car drivers/captains) of Pathao Rides in case of any road accident ‘during an active ride’.

Under this program, any rider or passenger who gets into an accident and gets hurt ‘during an active ride’ using Pathao App will be provided with benefits of medical expense reimbursement or financial support subject to the following terms and conditions:


  • Passengers and riders ‘in an active ride’ using a motorbike or car registered with Pathao shall be eligible for benefits under this program.
  • `in an active ride’ shall mean the interval period between the start and end of a ride/trip using the Pathao App.
  • The benefits will be available only for 1 rider and 1 passenger in case of motorbikes and 1 driver and a maximum of 3 passengers in case of car rides.
  • Every trip through Pathao App shall be supported under this program.

Application Deadline and Procedure

  • IPD Medical Expense Reimbursement: the application must be submitted within 15 (fifteen) days of hospital discharge.
  • OPD Medical Reimbursement: the application must be submitted within 10 (ten) days of medical treatment received.
  • Financial Support in Accidental Death: the application must be submitted within 45 (forty-five) days of death.
  • In case of an application for Financial Support in Accidental Deaths, the Nominee shall submit a Death Certificate and Nominee Certificate issued by the competent authority (City Corporation/Municipality/Duty Doctor/Police Station).
  • Scanned copies of the required documents as mentioned above will be acceptable. In cases where Pathao finds that the scanned copies shared are not readable or reliable, Pathao preserves the right to make original document submission mandatory.

4. Settlement Procedure

  • Once the relevant team of Pathao verifies and approves the application, Pathao shall inform the applicant about the acceptance of the application.
  • Pathao shall complete the settlement process within 05 (five) working days of application and transfer the approved amount to the applicant’s designated bank or MFS account.

5. Available Benefits

Benefit TypeBenefit Amount (in BDT)
OPD Medical Expense ReimbursementUp to 5,000/=
IPD (Hospitalization) Medical Expense Reimbursement100,000 (maximum)
Accidental Death Financial Support100,000 (one-off)

6. Disclaimer

Ridesharing is a service run on the freelancing model. Pathao Limited is not a transport provider nor it owns any car or motorcycle used for ridesharing. The freelancer riders enlisted with Pathao mobile application (App) are not employees of Pathao. Pathao serves merely as an online facilitator platform for riders and passengers to get connected with each other and avail of transport services in minutes without hassle.

Therefore, Pathao shall not be held liable for any accident during the ride nor any compensation thereby will be binding on it. Riders and passengers are earnestly requested to be vigilant at all times and follow safety standards and traffic rules while on a ride and shall be solely responsible for any accident, loss, or damage including but not limited to injuries, death, total or partial disability, and property loss during the ride.

Pathao offers benefits of medical expense reimbursement and financial support against any accidental claim under this program as an act of benevolence and in recognition of the contributions of the riders and users in accelerating and expediting the ridesharing service in Bangladesh. Pathao reserves every right to accept or decline any application under this program at its sole discretion and without assigning any reason thereof.