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Kathmandu, Get ready to Ride with Pathao

  • Nepal
  • September 13, 2018
Pathao Rides

Kathmandu, get ready to ride with Pathao

Introducing Pathao, the affordable and convenient way to get to your destination.

With Kathmandu being one of the busiest and happening cities in the world, there is no better alternative to move through traffic and save time other than Pathao. Pathao gives users an affordable and convenient motorcycle ride at the push of a button, through the Pathao app. Type in your destination address and you’ll have a Pathao ride within minutes. You also have access to Pathao’s highly praised GPS tracking, two way feedback and the ability to share trip status with family and friends.

How Pathao works:

  1. Download the Pathao app for Android or iOS and create your Pathao account.
  2. Make sure to have your smartphone location on full accuracy as Pathao uses GPS tracking to pinpoint your exact location.
  3. Type in your destination address, and request your Pathao ride; you’ll receive your rider’s name, photo and details of the motorbike.  
  4. At the end of the trip, pay by cash and that’s it. You can view your trip details in your Pathao History section