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Big News! You can now order from an even larger collection of restaurants

Get ready to order all your favourite food items from an even larger collection of restaurants. We’ve increased your restaurant search radius so you can get super-fast food deliveries from an even larger range of restaurants!

New Pricing Structure:

Please have a look at our new pricing structure below for each food delivery:

  • Flat 60TK delivery charge on restaurants within 3 kilometer distance
  • 5TK Extra for each additional kilometer over 3 kilometers*

With this update, you now have an even wider variety of food items available to you and with just a single press of a button, you can have them delivered straight to your doorstep in no time! We’re going all out with #LargestCollection & #FastestDelivery.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You will be charged an additional 5TK for each extra kilometer over 3 kilometers as delivery charge. Extra charge for each additional kilometer over 3 kilometers will be measured according to Google’s walking route at a rate of 5TK per kilometer. In this case, if the overall distance calculated by Google is 3.5 kilometers, then customers will be charged 2.5TK Extra for 500 meters and so on*
  • Delivery charge will now be calculated according to overall distance each foodman has to travel from restaurant to your location
  • This policy is applicable for Dhaka only