Introducing Pathao Pay

Transactions, simple
and secure.

Going cashless is the future.
The future is now!


Pay instantly, faster than you can say "bhai koto"


End-to-end encrypted payments so secure, mission impossible stays impossible.


Topping up is as easy as eating a piece of cake


Why carry cash when you can pay with your phone?


Pathao Pay comes with all the conveniences of the Pathao platform. Pay for all Pathao services straight from your phone!


Payment related hassle is a problem of the past. Go cashless, pay with one tap

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One app. All of Pathao.

pathao pay transaction details screen
pathao pay first screen
pathao pay verification screen
pathao pay balance screen
pathao pay transaction screen


First, you need to sign in to your Pathao account


Register for your Pathao Pay account if you haven't already from the Wallet Widget


Set your PIN number and store it safely for all future transactions. Don't share this PIN with anyone.


Enjoy the endless possibilities of our cashless future


At first, you need to update your Pathao App to get the lucrative features of Pathao Pay. Then, to recharge your account you have 2 alternatives to choose: - Through your Cards(Debit/ Credit) or Mobile Financial Service (Bkash/Rocket) - Through Rider (Moving Agents) - Ask any rider if he wants to Transfer to any user; Upon transferring the balance, Give them the cash on hand
To Recharge from riders or via bank, the minimum limit is 100 BDT and the maximum limit is 5000 BDT.
End of every ride, you need to choose the payment method if you want to pay via Cash or through Pathao Pay. Share your secret PIN and confirm; Pathao will deduct the balance from your Pathao Pay account after your confirmation.
For the time being, NO! But in future, yes!
You need to set a secret PIN while activating Pathao Pay. You will need to provide this PIN in every transaction you do through Pathao Pay; except while doing Recharge
No, they are different. PIN is a 4 digit Number which you need to use for every transaction you do through Pathao Pay. Password is for Logging in to Pathao app and OTP is an One Time Password, which Pathao sends to your phone number for Verification
No, doing any kind of transaction is completely FREE. Pathao does not ask for any charges.
Yes, for security purpose, you need to share your PIN every time you do transaction through Pathao Pay. However, you need not to share PIN while doing Recharge.
You will get an instant Popup notification and also a Confirmation SMS after each transaction.
You can see your transaction history in the Pathao App. Click the transaction icon, then you can see the detail transaction history.
Call Pathao Support on +8809678100800 immediately. After few verification, Pathao will suspend your account for the time being.
Call Pathao Support on +8809678100800 immediately. After few verification, Pathao will adjust the amount. Our customer service assistants will assist you on any issue.
Yes, you need to have internet connection to use Pathao Pay.
No, you have the pay the full amount in either Pathao Pay balance or Cash.
Is this the same Phone number you are using for your app? The OTP will send out to the number you have registered the Pathao account. Please check that SIM if you have received any OTP or not.
We are really sorry that you have to faced this. It might be a server problem, please report from pathao Pay and we will solve this within 24 hours.
To Withdraw , the minimum limit is 50 BDT and the maximum limit is upto your Pathao Pay balance.
No minimum limits and the maximum limit is upto your Pathao Pay balance
Once you request for Withdraw your Balance from Pathao App, it will take 24 hours to process and disburse the amount to your Bkash account.
Transaction will not proceed. You will receive an error message
For fares paid in Pathao Pay balance by user, Pathaos 20% cut will be automatically transferred to us and for the fares that are paid by Cash, you can payback the due by pressing “Due Adjustment” button.
Your quest payment will be sent to you via Bkash/Rocket account as usual.
Yes, you can. From “Adjust Due”, you can easily do transfer the Due amount to Pathao.
No, The due amount will be shown in TOTAL DUE section as it is showing from the very first. Only the amount your are getting from Pathao Users who are paying through Pathao Pay, will be added in Pathao Pay balance. But if you want to adjust the due amount, then when only it will affect your Pathao Pay balance.
Yes, they can pay their Dues partially. However, if he wants to withdraw his balance, he will be asked first Adjust his Due first..
Is this the same number you have created your Pathao Account? The OTP will be send out to the number with which
For now, yes. But we are coming up with a better solution and better offer only for you. As we give the most priority to our Riders.
On every ride you are sharing, you need to pay a certain amount of Commission to Pathao. When user is giving you the money via Pay, Pathao is auto deducting its commission from it and giving you back the amount you have earned.