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  • Order
    • What is Pathao food?

      Pathao food is an app which allows you to search and locate restaurants of your choice in your near by areas and you can place orders on the app to deliver the ordered food to your destination.

    • Why should I use Pathao food app instead of ordering via phone?

      Online ordering provides several advantages over telephone based ordering.You will not receive a busy line, no one will out your call on hold while your orders will be relayed to the restaurant accurately. You can see the entire menu on the app, so no need to speak to someone over the phone for finding any particular food or menu item or restaurant. It is much more convenient than making a long extensive phone conversation. You will be able to see which restaurants and menu items are available on the app.

    • How do I make the payments for the food that I ordered?

      For now we are providing cash on delivery service. Soon we'll be introducing online payment.

    • Can I make an advance order?

      No. Currently we do not have that option. Soon, you will find this option on our updated version.

  • Payments
    • Can I make payments through my credit card online?

      No. After the foodman delivers the food and the you pay him in cash.

    • What address should I use for placing my order?

      The address that you mention has to be the place where you want the delivery. Only one address can be stored with us and can be used later when you want to order again. However, we will not deliver to any public place, for example- another restaurant, airport, station etc.

    • Is there a guaranteed delivery time?

      Standard delivery times vary by the location selected and prevailing conditions. Once you select your location, an estimated delivery time is mentioned for each restaurant.

    • Can total price vary/ change /be updated after ordering?

      Yes, it can vary depending on the current price of items available in the restaurant. In such cases our support assistants will call you and let you know about the price updates/changes in cart price.

    • How can i know about the cost of items that might have variable price?

      If the current item price is above/ below the displayed price on our app, our support assistants will call you and inform you about the price changes.

    • How do I know about any offers/ promo codes?

      You will receive a push notification/sms if we offer any promo code.

    • What do I do in case there is some problem with my order?

      Mail us at foodsupport@pathao.com or call us on our helpline number (09768100800-4, press 1). Our customer service assistants will assist you on any issue.

    • Do I need to tip the delivery boys?

      If you wish you can. It is not mandatory.

    • How do I cancel an order?

      The customer will not be able to cancel their order once their food is being processed. Please call us at (09768100800-4, press 1) to check the status of your order. We usually request you not to cancel your order if it already has been accepted by restaurant..

    • Is single order from multiple restaurants possible?

      We currently do not support this functionality.

    • Why can’t I find a particular restaurant?

      If you can not find any particular restaurant in our app,It means the restaurant may not be within reasonable proximity to your delivery location/address.

    • Do you support bulk orders?

      In order to provide all customers with a great selection and to ensure on time delivery of your meal, we reserve the right to limit the quantities depending on supply.

    • What are your office hours?

      Our helpline number (09768100800-4, press 1) is accessible from 08:00am to 11:00 pm 7 days a week.

    • How much do you charge for add ons/toppings?

      You will be able to see the extra amount of price you will be charged for each add on when you place your order in our cart.

    • I don’t have internet in my phone, can I still order?

      Sorry, we will not be able to take phone orders. You must have “Pathao” app installed in your phone in order to place any orders.

    • Can I change my order one it has been placed ?

      Your order can be edited before it reaches the restaurant. You could contact customer support team via chat or call to do so. Once order is placed and restaurant starts preparing your food, you may not edit its contents

    • Is there a minimum order value?

      Yes. The minimum order value is 50 taka.

    • Can i deactivate my account?

      You can logout from your account which is registered in our app. However, we do not have any deactivating feature.