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  • General
    • What is Pathao Rides?

      Pathao Rides is basically a digital transportation system. It’s an app based motorbike taxi system. By that a passenger can find a transport (bike) being at home without taking stress in a road.

    • How does app work?

      From customer app, they select pick up location and send request then app trace available rider around their pick up location, when a rider assigned and accept their requests, rider will call them and pick them up from customer’s location and drop off to customer’s destination.

      From Rider app, when a customer send request then app trace and get an available rider around his location, a notification like tone and vibration will place on their mobile. Rider will face four position to complete a ride.

      • • Accept: When Rider accept his request and call the customer
      • • Waiting: For reaching customer’s location rider will put his status as waiting
      • • Started: Starting a ride with customer, rider will put his status as started and fare will start counting by that status.
      • • Ended: When a rider end his ride, rider status will be ended and total fare
    • What is the payment policy?

      passesngers will give you cash at the end of the ride.

    • What is the minimum working hour?

      Freelancer – 2 to 12 hours. time is up to the rider’s convenience.

    • Can I work weekly/monthly?

      Whenever you have time you can work. example: If you are only avilable on tuesday you can work on tuesday only. also you can work more than 2 days per week or 8/10 days per month.

    • What if I dont know all the roads in dhaka?

      The app has a google map which is very easy to use. Using the google map you can find pick up points and also the destinations.

  • Vehicle
    • Can I ride my own bike?

      Yes, this is a requirement that you have to ride your own bike.

    • Is it mandatory to have my own bike?

      Yes. it is mandatory, since this falls under our requirements.

    • Can I use Company’s bike?

      We do not have anymore company bikes avilable for freelancing.

    • Will the company provide me fuel for my bike?

      The way the commission structure is made you will make enough money to pay your own fuel and save lot more.

    • What is the security policy of my bike?

      As a rider you will have an app that has gps tracking. Secondly, customers will go through a verification process before ordering a ride. We have completed 1000+ rides and there had been no problems with security so far.

    • Does pathao provide insurance for my bike?

      No, we do not provide insurance for the bikes.

    • Can I use scooty instead of a bike?

      yes you can.

  • recruitment
    • Do i need to submit any documents?

      Yes. These are the following documents you need for applying in Pathao as freelancer,

      • 1. National ID/ Passport/ Driving license (Any one or all)
      • 2. Registration paper of the motorcycle
    • How should I join?

      Online sign up through our website. Also by driver app where all important info can be easily uploaded. We will call for training.Then after training they will be able to pick up and drop off the passesngers.

    • Will I have to sit for formal interview?

      There is no interview but there is a training session after sign up process.

    • What is the educational requirements?

      Institutional education is not mandatory. You need to know how to operate a smart phone and behave properly and professionally also know the streets of dhaka for your own ease of work.

    • How long will be the training session?

      One day for 1 or 2 hours.

    • Can I join as a full timer?

      currently we are hiring full timers who own their motorcycles. Day long working hour with a fixed base salary and high commission.