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Why Pathao Courier is the right choice for businesses

Why Pathao Courier is the right choice for businesses

As a business, you need the best reliable solution when delivering goods to your customers and partners. Pathao couriers provide precisely such a solution. That is why thousands of merchants use Pathao Courier to offer their products all across the country.

Pathao courier is used so widely because of our reliable service. Pathao courier strives to provide the highest value at the lowest price through our innovative and reliable logistics design. Reliability is our first and foremost priority. And because of our amazing innovative logistics design, we deliver your package at the right location at the right time. Always.

Why choose Pathao courier:

  • Live product status
  • Call center support
  • 100% insurance coverage
  • 50+ district coverage
  • Multiple service options (Standard Delivery & Express Delivery, nationwide delivery, fulfillment solution, corporate service, contract logistics, Cash on Delivery, reverse logistics)
  • Merchant loyalty and engagement programs
  • Merchant publicity and branding in the Pathao platform
  • Key account managers are available based on order volume
  • Easy interface for Merchants: from placing orders to tracking delivery information

Our pricing is extremely competitive, and we provide excellent coverage in our delivery areas.

Pricing Plan:

Same city delivery

Delivery TimeUpto 500 gm500 gm to 1 Kilo1 Kilo to 2 Kilo
24 HoursBDT 60BDT 70BDT 90

Inter city delivery

Delivery TimeUpto 500 gm500 gm to 1 Kilo1 Kilo to 2 Kilo
72 HoursBDT 100BDT 120BDT 150

Pathao is very active at engaging with entrepreneurs so that they can grow and succeed. Among our activities, there are loyalty and engagement programs for our Merchants.

Being with Bangladesh’s #1 super app and digital platform helps entrepreneurs with publicity. The businesses also get a boost in branding because of using the best courier solution provider in the country.

It’s easy to sign up your business with Pathao Courier. To be a Pathao Courier Merchant all you need is your photo and a valid ID (Any from National ID card, Passport, Driver’s Licence, or Birth Certificate). For your business, you’ll need a bank account or a mobile bank account (bKash.)

Sign up here:
Or just call our courier hotline 09610003030 for any details.

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