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Now You Can Send Voice Messages!

Pathao app brings you a new feature! 

Communicating made it easier with voice messaging, now every time you order something from Pathao app. Voice recordings saves the hassle of typing out messages and makes communication smoother. Now with just a few simple steps send voice messages in the chat box. 

Step 1: After placing your order go to the chat box to communicate with your Pathao Rider, Food Man and Captain. 

Step 2:  Tap or Hold microphone icon to initiate voice recording.

Step 3: Tap to send button to send voice message, tap on bin icon to delete recording.
Release to send and slide left to cancel.

Step 4: Tap on the play icon to hear the voice message.

This way you can record, send and hear voice messages in chat and communicate with your Pathao Rider, Food Man and Captain easily!