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Safety Tips for Pathao User & Rider

  • Nepal
  • September 13, 2018
Safety tips for pathao riders and users.

Safety Tips for Pathao User and Rider –

    1. You should always wear a helmet before getting on or starting your trip as this will prevent any unforeseen head injury
    2. Your helmet should not be too loose or too tight. A comfortable fit is recommended for proper safety
    3. You must not share any personal information with your rider
    4. You should always sit still and keep your feet on the pegs or footrest at all times. Do not put your feet down at stops or hang them as it can upset the bike’s balance
    5. Do not attempt to get on a moving bike. Only get on while the bike is stationary and your ready for you.
    6. To securely mount the bike, place one leg on the footrest closest to you and swing your other back and over
    7. Avoid any verbal communication while on trip as it can disrupt your rider’s focus. You can however use hand signals for giving directions.
    8. Remember to get off and abstain from smoking during refuelling at petrol stations.

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