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Product Packaging Tips

Do you have a business selling fragile items? Did you have your products damaged while delivering your packages to your customers? Before sending out your packages, please remember proper packaging will ensure your product’s safety. For this reason, it is advised to use bubble wrap in case of fragile items.


While packaging cosmetic products, it is advised to pack them inside a bubble wrap to prevent it from breaking or damaging. You can also use Airbag or/and a box.


In Case of Electronic items, an Air Bag and/ or bubble wrap will keep them from breaking or being damaged.

Fabric Products

For Fabric products, you should use a polybag before wrapping to save it from any stain or damage.

Home-Made Food

Here’s how to pack homemade food, put it in a foil food container to prevent it from spilling while the food also remains fresh.


To pack eggs, please put it in a carton box which will prevent it from breaking and spilling.

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