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June 12, 2024

CTG and SYL Top Pathao Heroes Receive Eid Gifts from Pathao in Association with Khaas Food

CTG and SYL Top Pathao Heroes Receive Eid Gifts from Pathao in Association with Khaas Food

Dhaka, Bangladesh – June 12, 2024: Pathao, the country’s largest digital service platform, in association with Khaas Food, has awarded its Top Pathao Heroes (Food, Bike, Car, Parcel, and Courier Merchants) with the highest scores in customer order delivery.

Recently, this Eid-Ul-Adha Gift distribution took place in a ceremony at the company’s regional offices in Chattogram & Sylhet. As usual, for the second time in this year this event was organized to inspire all the heroes of Pathao this Eid.

From Pathao, Deputy Manager of CTG division, Md. Zafar Chowdhury & Zonal Manager of Sylhet division, Vanu Lal Das were present at the event as the special guest and gave away the Eid Gifts to the Top Pathao Heroes.

At the Eid Gifts distribution event, the top 100 Pathao Heroes (Food, Bike, Car, Parcel, and Courier Merchants) were provided with Kalijira Rice, Mustard Oil, Turmeric Powder, Chili Powder, Khaas Halim Mix, Laccha Semai, Black Pepper, Tokma & Grinded Fenugreek as their Eid Bazaar from Khaas Food.

About Pathao

Founded in 2015, Pathao is building a digital infrastructure that creates opportunities, empowers people, and enriches lives. Pathao is the largest digital services platform in Bangladesh and the market leader in ride-sharing, food delivery, and e-commerce logistics. With more than 10 million users, 300,000 drivers and delivery agents, 100,000 merchants, and 10,000 restaurants, Pathao is Here with You. The platform has created over 500,000 job opportunities in Bangladesh, contributing significantly to the country’s digital economy.

About Khaas Food 

Khaas Food ensures that farmers receive fair wages for their hard work and that consumers get high-quality food with authentic taste without any adulteration or added chemicals. Khaas Food is committed to providing safe and healthy food that not only keeps the body healthy but also contributes to a better future. Khaas Food prioritizes the natural taste and nutritional value of food. Throughout the entire production process, from sourcing to packaging, Khaas Food ensures the highest purity and strict quality control. Khaas Food’s ultimate goal is not just to provide high-quality food but to inspire a change in society’s current harmful eating habits.