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Pay For Pathao Rides With iPay!

Pathao Rides

Pay For Pathao Rides With iPay!

In order to make your payment with Pathao even simpler Pathao has partnered with iPay! So, now you can make your payments with minimum clicks on the Pathao app with the help of iPay. No more hassle and no more worry for change when paying for your trip!


How to Use iPay with Digital Payments for the first time:

  1. Once your ride has ended, choose your method of payment and click “Digital Payment”.Pathao Rides

    2.Then, select the iPay option.Pathao Rides

3. Log in to your iPay account.Pathao Rides

4. Once you’ve been logged in, apply your PIN code and confirm your payment.Pathao Rides

5. Your payment will be successfully made.Pathao Rides