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Pathao Premier League is Back again

Pathao games is the newest addition to the lifestyle app and in a lot of ways the most exciting one! With our stress levels being at an all time high because of the pandemic and lockdowns, a quick gaming fix acts as a much needed respite from the mindless scrolling on socials and work from home sessions. 

An average person spends up to three hours per day gaming through virtual reality, how amazing would it be if you could win amazing gifts through spending your time swishing and slashing in your cell phone screen!

For the initial phase of our gaming revolution, we have launched free games. In order to kickstart this new addition, your favorite smart app is now arranging an exciting gaming tournament by the name of Samsung Presents Pathao Premier League in collaboration with Samsung. 

Now the things you need to know:

  • Have the Pathao App installed in your smartphone.
  • Game away!
  • Make sure to use at least one service provided at the Pathao App only once to become eligible for the tournament. Eg- Order from Pathao Food , take a pathao bike ride etc. 

There will be four games for four weeks where contestants will compete to win the grand prize. The games are:

1st Week- Hexagon Fall

2nd Week- Panda Silling 

3rd Week- Crazy Balls

4th Week- Hyper Snake

  • Win special gift/promo codes every Sunday if you are among the ten highest scorers. Leaderboard can be seen on the Pathao App.
  • Every week one winner will win a Samsung Galaxy M31 which equates to four winners per month.
  • Every week 2nd-10th position holders of the scoreboard will get Promo code as gifts. That is 36 players throughout the month.
  • The champion of the season with the highest score (sum of four games score) throughout the month  will win a Samsung M51. 

Terms and Conditions- 

  1. The previous champions will not be eligible for the 1st price of the gaming tournament. 
  2. This campaign will run in Dhaka, Ctg, Khulna, Sylhet.  
  3. The winners will be directly contacted by phone call from Pathao
  4. Pathao has the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any given point.
  5. Shop promos will be awarded to the winners of Dhaka only.
  6. One unique first place winner will be selected and awarded each week for this season. Example, if you win first place in this week’s contest then you will not be eligible to win the first place prize for the rest of the season. If you become the winner in the following weeks, the person in the second place will be considered as the winner for that week. However, you will receive the same gift as the second place. You will still be eligible for the season championship.
  7. Pathao has the right to select the winners of this campaign.

All these games are exciting, innovative and will definitely give you your needed dose of adrenaline rush. Make sure to click on the game tile icon upon opening the Pathao app and unleash a whole new experience and win fancy smart-phones Stay tuned for more!  

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