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Manik Mia Wins Ride Diye Lakhpati with Pathao!

Ride Diye Lakhpat
Manik Mia joined Pathao as a rider on the 19th of August. With an earning of taka 60,000 in just 1 month & 4 days, Manik Mia beams with happiness. His heartwarming gratefulness towards Pathao comes from Pathao’s undying efforts to provide an earning opportunity to the unemployed of the country. Holding on to the joy of winning 100,000 taka from the Ride Diye Lakhpoti contest, Manik Mia hopes to go a lot further. And Pathao wishes to stay right by the side of thousands of such Manik Mia.

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Ride Diye LakhpotiRide Diye Lakhpoti