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Get Your Favourite Food Delivered Right to Your Doorstep, in Under 60 Mins!

A tutorial on how to order pathao food through Pathao app.

Feeling hungry? Want your favourite food delivered straight to you in record time?

Introducing Pathao food, the quickest food delivery service in town. With access to over 3000 restaurants in Dhaka, order desired dish now and get it delivered to your doorstep in under 60 minutes. With just a few taps, you can now order from 10 am to 10 pm and we guarantee you’ll be as excited with Pathao Food as we are.

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How to Order from Pathao Food:

    1. Open your Pathao app and tap on the Food option
    1. Search in your favourite restaurant and select their cover image
    1. Select your food type from their Restaurant Menu
    1. And Add food item(s). Once you’re done adding, tap View Cart to see your total purchase
    1. If you have any discounts, tap Add Promo Code. Select Food option, And type in your promo code and press Apply Code
    1. Check your delivery address at the top. And other details like food quantity and price before you Confirm Order
  1. Your order’s been placed. Tap Ongoing Orders to view your order details. You can see everything from order accepted to delivery time.

Learn about Pathao Food and it’s services from here.

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