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Five things you need to carry on a daily basis

What are the things that you need on a daily basis but often miss out on? If you’re a working professional or a student there are certain daily essentials that you need to carry which makes your day in life a lot smoother. To prepare you for the surprises life throws at you, we have made a list of things to carry.

  1. Earphones
    Whether you are moving on a bus or have taken a ride to get to your destination, it’s always a good idea to carry a pair of earphones. Listening to some of your favourite tracks or even listening to audiobooks can make your time on the road enjoyable. Not to mention, you’ll be protecting your ears from the over-bearing noise of the traffic! Pathao shop has a variety of earphones for you to choose from. Order today.
  1. Bluetooth Speakers
    Imagine meeting your friends after a long long time at your group’s favourite rooftop. That seems like a good time to play some tunes from back in the day. Bluetooth speakers are portable and LOUD enough for the whole group to enjoy! Not just for groups, you can just play in your car or basically wherever you are.
  1. Smart Watch
    Smart watches save you time from always having the need to look at and open your phone. This is extremely useful when you are on the go. You can receive your calls, check your phone’s notifications and even make phone calls and basic commands through your smart watch. MI Lite watch is a pretty good recommended smartwatch, you can find it on Pathao Shop!
  2. Powerbank
    Our phones don’t always have enough juice to function throughout the entire day. Power banks are a great source of backup in this case! Keeping a charged power bank with you can give your phone’s battery that extra boost that it needs to last through the day. Did you know some of these will actually fast-charge your phone? Check them out at Pathao Shop!
  3. Headset
    Headsets are all about quality and amplifying your sounds. They are one of the most durable devices you will come across and are a great electronic accessory to carry throughout the day. Not to mention they are stylish and come in many colors! Choose your favourite kind of headset from Pathao Shop!

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