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Bongo on your Pathao App!

With all that has been going on around us and the quarantine pushing us to a level of an ultimate low, now is possibly the best time to go back to comfort zones!

And is there anything better than trip down the memory lane by rewatching your favorite TV shows or movies? Bongo is the latest addition to the Pathao family and it is a plethora of streaming content all for free! So when the boredom kicks in maybe switch on an episode of our favorite girl clad in pink and let Meena cheer you up! Or maybe instead of watching yet another hollywood chick flick on Netflix, watch one of the most popular cinemas in the film industry in Bangladesh, Monpura- for a classic taste of a tragic love story, beautiful nature shots and some of the most heartfelt music. Apart from these all time favorites, you get a chance to watch some good old bangla masala films, turkish drama and some great content of the West Bengal movie industry! 

The entire interface of the section is divided into various segments such as Original Bongo Material, Blockbuster movies, Kids special shows etc. The Live Tv section is perhaps a very useful streaming service given the current conditions. Stay up to date with the latest news and the coronavirus updates through Bongo.

Another way to spice up dull quarantine days is order some delicious snacks from Pathao Food and enjoy  while you binge watch your favorite shows! Bongo has a huge range of amazing cooking recipes which you can stream through for some creative evening refreshments.

So the next time you need a way to beat out the quarantine blues, click on the Bongo icon on your Pathao App for a fun filled streaming session!