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Air Purifiers in Pathao Shop!

Air pollution threatens to be one of the greatest problems of this era, not only because of its impact on climate change but also due to its effect on public and individual health leading to increasing morbidity and mortality rates. Since the onset of the Winter season this past December 2020, we have experienced first hand effects of air pollution as the Dhaka horizons have been blurred by smog, creating much discomfort among its citizens.

Bangladesh, due to various geographical and geological factors, suffers from an alarming level of air pollution that is no longer just limited to the dry season. This makes it difficult for people to breathe outside given the high concentration of dust particles in the air and Dhaka, regularly ranks at the top for worst air quality. According to AQI (Air Quality Index), Dhaka air has been classified as “hazardous” as of January 18, 2021. The air is riddled with an excessive amount of pollutants to the extent that even the atmosphere within closed environments — offices, homes, shopping malls and restaurants, is no longer safe. For this reason, we are advised to stay indoors, run an air purifier when we are staying indoors, and wear a mask when we step outside.

While a lot of us are adopting Air Conditioners for our homes and offices, it is not necessarily an affordable and sustainable solution. And it does not do the job of cleaning the air to the extent we need them to. Air purifiers on the other hand, are the right device for the task. They are designed to clean and purify the air we breathe by reducing odor and airborne pollutants that contribute to poor air quality and filter common allergens such as pollen, mold and dust. 

Air Purifiers also improve the ventilation within our homes, and unlike an AC the windows of the room where the device is set, need not be shut. Natural air can freely pass through. Having access to fresh air will alter the way we conduct the basic, primary tasks of our lives. We won’t be as easily susceptible to common cold and flu. We will sleep better and will therefore be more productive and equipped to tackle the challenges of the next day. 

Pathao Shop now hosts a variety of excellent Air Purifiers catering to different and specific needs. Whether the room one wants to set it up on is small or big, Smart Air Bangladesh has a wide range of elegant looking Air Purifier models that cover all sorts of real estate and keep the air fresh and breathable. 

For the air outside, there is no better protection from it than wearing a mask. Thankfully, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to adopt wearing them everywhere for our own safety and the safety of others. Aside from sheltering us from a potentially lethal virus, masks also keep the pollutants and dust particles at bay. Pathao Shop has a curated collection of masks that are breathable, light and most importantly, provides protection from germs and viruses. Whether one is looking for the comfort of a surgical mask or wants to wear something slightly more stylish, the shop has it all.