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10,000 Taka Joining Bonus at Pathao

How to signup in Pathao as a rider and earn bonus.

10,000 Taka Joining Bonus!

Join as a new verified Pathao Captain from 16th February 2018 and get the opportunity to get 10,000 taka joining bonus. This offer is valid till 15 May. Details are given below:


Trip Target (per week)
Completion Rate

Tier 1

  • Trip Target (per week):- 30 trips
  • Amount :- BDT 5,000
  • Completion Rate:- No Target

Tier 2

  • Trip Target (per week):- 30 trips
  • Amount :-BDT 5,000
  • Completion Rate:-No Target

A captain will get the opportunity to avail this bonus, once he takes his 1st ride after verification, within the given period. that is from 16th February- 15th May, 2018. A Captain will get the bonus amount in the following week, when he will complete a tier. Once a captain reached a tier, he can try to qualify for the next tier. Thus, a captain can gain joining bonus of Taka 10,000. Any fraud trip will disqualify the captain for the bonus.

How to be a Pathao Captain?

Download the ‘Pathao Drive’ app from Google Play store. Sign up with relevant details, and your phone number, and select cars.

Or, visit Pathao office for verification with the following documents:

  1. National ID/Smart Card
  2. Driving License
  3. Car Registration Document
  4. Tax Token
  5. Fitness Papers
  6. Insurance

Get your training from Pathao Office and become a verified Pathao Captain.

Terms and Condition:

  • If a driver is suspected for fraudulent activities, Pathao reserves the right to suspend him/her from future
  • Transaction or ban for lifetime from ride sharing
  • If a captain missed a tier, he will be disqualified for the next tier
  • Pathao has the authority to change/close this campaign anytime during the campaign period

Want to become a rider? Visit Pathao’s Website today.

Sign-up to become a captain from here.

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