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Pathao Ride-sharing Insurance

You are important to us, we consider it our top priority to ensure your sense of security during your Pathao rides. This includes ensuring that you are protected in case of an accident from pick-up to drop-off.

Let’s try to understand more details about Pathao insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What is Pathao Ride- Sharing Insurance?

A ridesharing insurance is the type of insurance coverage endorsed by Pathao which is a ridesharing company (known as a transportation network company) that matches passengers with the drivers via mobile apps. Inorder to ensure safe, secure and risk-sharing rides for it’s Application Users, Riders, Foodmen and Captains Pathao introduced this kind of Insurance Policy. Pathao Nepal Pvt. Ltd provides ride sharing insurance in mutual understanding with it’s insurance partner. The premium amount of ride sharing insurance is solely borne by Pathao itself.  

  1. What is  Ride-Sharing Insurance in Nepal?

Ride-Sharing Insurance was firstly introduced by Pathao Nepal in Nepal as a compensation arrangement that gives a guarantee of reimbursement for specified loss, damage or death that occurred during the ride.

  1. What are the criteria and eligibility for claiming the insurance?

If any riders or customers get into an accident while taking a ride through the Pathao User Application and meet the criteria of Pathao policy then they shall be entitled to such insurance coverage. Both Users and drivers are eligible for insurance claims from starting of the ride to completion of the ride. Every Pathao ride is insurance covered. 

Criteria for insurance claim are as follow:

  1. Genuine Date of Birthday
  2. Genuine User Name
  3. Ride should be “ONLINE”
  4. Insurance is covered only when ride is “STARTED” and until when it “ENDS”
  5. The vehicle used must be the one registered onto Pathao. 
  1. What is the procedure for claiming the insurance?
  1. When an accident occurs during the Pathao ride, the rider or customer shall first inform the company via call center or, social media or, mail on the same day of accident.
  2. Notify the Police Officials to register the Police Report on the same day of accident.
  3. Submit the required documents to the company as prescribed by the company (please refer No. 8).
  1. What are the benefits of Ride-Sharing Insurance?

Ridesharing insurance helps to reduce Pathao user’s out-of-pocket expenses when it comes to payment for their own medical expenses if they fall into any unfortunate events during the ride.

  1. What coverage value do I get from insurance?
CaseCoverageAmount of Coverage (Nrs)
AAccidental Death Benefit500,000
B Permanent Disability due to Accident 500,000
C Outpatient (OPD) Treatment due to Accident 100,000
D Hospitalization (IPD) due to Accident 100,000
Mode of payment/reimbursement:Reimbursement of medical expenses is to be made through account payee cheque to the insured victim.One time payment through payee cheque is to be made to the nominee of the insured deceased victim, in case of accidental death.

Note: Each user (customer, rider, captain and foodman) will have the sum assured of 5 lakh (For Case A or, B) & 1 lakh (For Case C or D).

  1. How do I submit a claim?

You should visit our WIS (Walk in Service) to submit the required documents and for details you can call us at Call Support : 01-5970099 or NTC Troll Free No: 16600178899 

  1. What documents are needed for a claim?
  1. Claim form duly filled which is provided by Pathao Nepal.
  2. Police Report/ Milapatra, from concerned authority, related to the Accident/Incident. 
  3. Other documents as per the below cases:
    1. In case of Hospitalization due to Accident, a proper doctor/ orthopaedics’ certificate mentioning the reason(s) of Hospitalization along with all supporting medical reports such as X-ray, City scan, MRI or similar relevant documents (if any). Photocopy of the Doctor’s prescription/ advice for hospitalization and discharge certificate from the Hospital is also necessary. 
    2. In case of Permanent and Total Disability due to Accident, a proper doctor/ orthopaedics’ certificate mentioning the reason(s) of Permanent and Total Disability along with all supporting medical reports such as X-ray, City scan, MRI or similar relevant documents (if any). 
    3. In case of Accidental death, Death Certificate from the Municipal Body, Death Certificate from the concerned authority of the Hospital along with the Autopsy/Post-mortem report, Police Certificate related to death, Spot Investigation Report(Ghatna sthal Laas Jach Muchulka).
  1. Is there any deadline for submitting a claim document?

Yes there are deadlines for submitting a claim document depending on the claim type

TypesReport claim within
Accidental death claim30 days
IPD claim30 days
IPD claim for permanent disability30 days
OPD claim30 days
  1. How long does it take to process a claim?

Upon receiving all supporting claim documents from Pathao Nepal, Insurance Partner shall settle the Claim within 30 (thirty) working days calculated from the date of required documents submission.

  1. What are the Insurance Claim Exclusions?
  1. Death caused by self-inflicted injury or the attempted/commission of an assault or any unlawful act or being engaged in any illegal activity or felony.
  2. Participating in illegal activity is not covered.
  3. If the ride taken is “OFFLINE”
  4. Suicide while sane or insane. 
  5. The condition of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), or any AIDS related illness or HIV virus
  1.  Who should I contact when I need further assistance?

You can mail us at [email protected] or for more details you can call us at Insurance Cell of Pathao: 01-5970099 ,  NTC Troll Free No: 16600178899 or you can visit our WIS (Walk in Service)  to submit the required documents. You can also reach us on our social media pages in case you have any questions regarding insurance.