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Still hailing cars? Book a Pathao car ride and get your ride at your doorstep. Go anywhere at any time with Pathao Cars.

You can book a cab or bike within one finger tap using latest technlogy in nepal. Easy modes of transportation i.e Pathao

Comfort With Affordability

Out with friends? Try Pathao Car and reach your destination comfortably. With its competitive fare rates, Pathao ensures customer comfort at reasonable fare.

Secured rides 24/7

Enjoy your commute, you are protected with Pathao Ride-sharing insurance

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Get going with Pathao Car

01 Download the App

Pathao cars serve according to your need. Download the app and select the Car option.

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02 Request your Car

Set your pickup and destination locations.

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03 Start your Ride

Pathao will connect you to a nearby captain.
Wait for your Car to arrive and start your ride.

Currently available in Kathmandu

We are currently available in Kathmandu Valley. We are constantly expanding to more places! Parcel will cover more places soon.

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Earn with your Car

  • More solvency with a safe & secure income
  • Exciting Bonus offers are given regularly
  • Hassle-free On-time payment
Become a Captain
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Frequently Asked Questions

We send promo codes to our regular customers through SMS and app notification, regularly. Be sure to keep your app updated.
Please report an issue through your user app following this process: Pathao App> Profile> History> Report Issue> I would like a refund> I was overcharged> then write ride details> Submit.
Using Refer and Earn:- Pathao App > More > Get Discounts > You will get a code to share with your friends. You along with your friends (to whom promo code is shared) will get a discount of Rs.50 after your friend takes a ride.
For this type of issue, you may ask the rider for slowing down bike speed or you can ask him to park in any safe place then call us immediately or call us at 9801908500. After sharing with us about this issue we will take corrective measures for the rider. Your safety is our first concern.
It might be because of the following: Incorrect payment details / bounced payments Disqualified due to fraud Insufficient completion rate Oversight/back-end error.
Firstly, please check whether your quest is completed or not. Checking Process: Pathao App>Income>QuestHistory>then check if you have completed the quest and if the quest is completed, your quest amount will be added after 4 pm on working days (From Monday to Friday).
Paying process: open your khalti app > Go to send and Request > Type your Pathao khalti number > Select the purpose > Write your name and number > Send (make sure that you have inserted your right mobile number and name)
The discounted amount will be adjusted to due balance after deducting 20% of the commission. For instance, If the estimated fare is Rs 100 and the discount is Rs 50. You will get Rs 30 into your due balance after deducting Rs 20(20% of commission) from Rs 50(discounted amount). Note: If a due balance shows ‘+’ sign, it means rider should pay to Pathao and if a due balance shows ‘-’ sign, it means Pathao should pay to the rider.
If you have faced any inconvenience while using our service then please report us through the Pathao app so that we can help you and take the necessary steps. Reporting process: Pathao App> Profile> History> Select Trip Id > Report Issue> Issues with my fare> then write ride details> Submit
To update your document, please take a clear picture (possibly scan copy) and visit our Walk-In-Support center.
Please call us at our helpline to know the suspension reason and duration. You have to visit our Walk-In-Support center to withdraw your suspension.