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Pathao: Logistic Partner during COVID-19 pandemic

Pathao Nepal, established in 2018 with a motto of bringing technological revolution in the nation has been able to stand on its promise as of today. While lockdown has posed a challenge to many dreams and ambitions, it has encouraged the organization as a whole to work for greater good of the community. Though started as a ride sharing platform, Pathao has recently started as logistics partner of Infi Store- which is a new e-commerce platform that provides one stop solution to every necessity.  While Infi Store is an online market for varieties of products, Pathao is working closely with it for logistics management. Do you know amazing benefits of ordering from Infi?

Varieties of product: We are quite confident that you do not like jumping from one site to another to purchase variety of products. Imagine ordering 10 different products from 10 different sites. Uff! That already sounds too hectic even while I write. LOL! At Infi, you’ve got all your needs covered at a single platform that too with free delivery. Saved you from a lot of hassle, didn’t it? 

Best price: Wanna bet? We assure you that you will find products at the best price possible at Infi. Daily offers, discounts and many more so that you can shop with less burden on your pocket. Hard to believe? Just visit and surprise yourself with best prices of you essentials.

No minimum cart value: The first question that strikes while shopping online- Is my order too small to be placed? What is the minimum order requirement? Well, blow that off! Because your every order, no matter the size, fulfills your greatest desire. So, we value every order and hence, there is no minimum cart value. Purchase freely, no matter what amount!

Exchange: Worried whether you will get fresh goods delivered or not? Especially with perishable products! You can just rely on us. If you don’t get fresh goods delivered, we will take them back and deliver the fresh ones very next day.

Ease of price comparison: The environment outside at this point of time is definitely not suitable for travelling out or visiting shop by shop to compare price and quality. Thus, Infi can be a platform for you to compare prices of various products with different other sites. We bet you will end up shopping with us after comparing price and quality.

Payment methods: Infi accept both electronic payment gateways and cash at delivery- the choice is yours. However, with the ongoing pandemic, Pathao requests you to try making payments from digital platform so that our delivery heroes and our beloved customers, both are safe and do not infect each other. Needless to say, if you are not comfortable with these platforms, cash payment is still fine because we will disinfect it. 

Amazed? Infi, indeed is amazing. With all these benefits and quality assurance, Infi is surely the best of all options for shopping, after all, Pathao brings them to your doorstep ;). Just kidding! But whatever we have claimed is as true as the existence of human race. Trust us and we will not let you down. Happy Shopping!