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फेरी पनि भान्सा मा ताल्चा लगाउने Offers का साथ Pathao Food Fest 2024

Imagine a world where you don’t have to cook, and the only decision you have to make is what delicious dish to order next. Well, that is becoming a reality with Pathao’s largest online festival yet with the slogan “अब भान्सामा ताल्चा लगाउँदा हुन्छ! ”

Introducing Pathao Food Fest 2024, starting from April 6th, 2024 to April 26th, 2024. Join us on a food journey with offers so grand that अब भान्सामा ताल्चा लगाउँदा हुन्छ!! Get exclusive discounts and guaranteed prizes beyond your wildest dreams with every food order. Yes, you read it right!

Each order comes with a scratch card, revealing chances to win Free Gifts! Curious about your potential winnings? 

Here’s the list of surprising gifts you can win on scratch cards:

  1. Flat Rs. 500 discount on Guitar Shop products.
  2. Flat Rs. 1500 discount on perfume purchases at Ina Center.
  3. Flat Rs. 1000 discount per flight of Babu Adventures Paragliding from Chandragiri.
  4. Flat Rs. 1000 discount per ride of Dhulikhel Zipline and Rs. 200 discount on their video recording.
  5. 10% Discount on purchases from Miniso
  6. 15% Discount on purchases from Bles
  7. Flat 15% Discount on cosmetic purchases from Mishisa Cosmetics
  8. Flat 20% on Dolpo Gears – Thamel (Applicable only on Dolpo Gears Products).
  9. 15% discount on Newmew products on all outlets inside Kathmandu Valley.
  10. 10% discount on Wrapsy products.
  11. Up To 50% discount on flight tickets at Yeti Airlines.
  12. Up To Rs. 1000 discount on Oops amusement park.
  13. Flat Rs. 300 discount on purchase from Jeevee.
  14. Rs. 500 discount on Ultima products.
  15. Up To 30% discount on purchases from Cubex.
  16. Flat 20% discount on purchases from Makkuse (Thamel outlet).
  17. 3 Months Free Internet on 3 Months New Subscription or Renewal from CGNet
  18. 15% Discount on New Subscription or Renewal of 150/250/350 Mbps Internet from CGNet
  19. Flat Rs. 500 discount on Hot Air Balloon Flight at Balloon Nepal, Pokhara.

With every scratch card, these stunning rewards await you (see how to redeem the scratch cards). Once you’re done scratching and winning on your scratch cards, you can take their picture and share them on your social media by tagging Pathao Nepal to win exclusive promo discounts on your next ride or food order. Isn’t it fun?

Not only that, you can also win goodies and gifts every week at Pathao Food Fest 2024. What might those be? Keep reading to find that!

The exclusive deals on Pathao Food menus are undoubtedly the highlight of Pathao Food Fest 2024. 

Curious about what awaits you at Pathao Food Fest 2024?

With guaranteed prizes & deals from top restaurants, and exclusive deals of up to 80% off on Pathao Bike and Car, “Pathao Food Fest 2024” promises to be the largest online carnival yet.

But wait, that’s not all – every week you can get a chance to win these exciting gifts:

  1. Free 30 Seconds Shopping Spree at MINISO! Yes, you can get all you want in 30 sec for FREE.
  2. An amazing Karma Guitar.
  3. Perfume from Ina Center.
  4. Makeup goodies from MISHISA Cosmetics.
  5. Sunglasses from Newmew.

As for the bumper prize, one lucky winner will get an iPhone 15. The bumper prize winner will be announced after the campaign through a lucky draw. How can you take a shot at these amazing prizes? It’s simple. Order as frequently as you can to enhance your chances of winning these prizes!

From April 6th to April 26th, indulge, and explore the flavors of the world without having to cook. After all, in the era of Pathao Food Fest, “अब भान्सामा ताल्चा लगाउँदा हुन्छ! ”