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Pathao Mart


With the fastest on demand service, get your favorite product within hours of ordering


Forget about traffic jam, parking hassle and crowd chaos.

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Find your favorite stores right in your Mobile phone.


Get original products within your budget.

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  • Customer
    • How much time it will take to receive a product?

      Deliveries will depend on your distance from the store to your location, definitely within 1 or 2 hours!

    • What modes of payment are available?

      Till now we have only cash on delivery possible but new and exciting ways of payment are coming

    • Are there any hidden charges?


    • What is the standard return policy?

      There is no return policy so make sure you order correctly, incase of wrong product please hand over the product to the rider

    • What is the service hour for the mart

      Right now its 11 am to 4 pm. Soon we will open when the shop starts till when the shop closes

    • What is the existing range of delivery?

      Currently we are in Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani, we will be opening up to whole DHAKA Metropolitan city soon

    • How can we be sure regarding the quality of the products?

      Products will be from your favorite stores and verified merchants so rest assured about the product quality.

    • How do I track my order?

      You will be able to track your order soon from the app

    • What should I do in case of any form of queries regarding my purchase?

      You can see the vendor number in your app, do call the vendor due to any concerns with the product

    • Will I get any additional perks for being a frequent customer?

      Yes, Stay with us and find out

    • What happens in case of product damage by the rider?

      Then you can return the product to the rider and inform the customer care center

  • Merchant
    • How will my business grow with Pathao Mart?

      Pathao Mart promises you the greatest return for your sales. With over 100,000 downloads Pathao App is the most popular local app.

    • What is the safety procedure for carrying products?

      Merchants has to ensure that product is packed in the right way.

    • What will be my monetary incentive?

      Lowest commission base from any ecommerce/market place

    • When will be the long term agreement be happening?

      Very soon

    • How will Pathao promote my store?

      Pathao will upload your store, logo and products in the app for all our users to see

    • What kind of products will I be able to sell through Pathao?

      Please check out categories list

    • What will Pathao charge for offering this service?

      Pathao will charge delivery charge to customers

    • What is the payment policy?

      You will be paid twice a week if you provide us with your bank account.

    • What will attract customers towards using Pathao Mart?

      Pathao is the most popular ride sharing app with over 100,000 downloads

    • Will I be able to get an idea regarding my total sales through Pathao app?

      Yes, you wil be able to see all your transactions and pending bills

    • Whom do I contact in case of emergency?

      Our Customer call center, and the business development execs are just one call away