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Our Cars are well-equipped to serve you the safest and most luxurious journey at an unbelievable cost. Experience it yourself today!


Our Cars are fast and reliable. We commit to your commute, assuring you unbelievable efficiency all day long!

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  • About App
    • Where can I get the app?

      download the Pathao App from Google Playstore: or iOS App Store: and sign up with your mobile number. (The app is compatible with smartphones only, for Android 4.4 and above, and for iOS version 10 or above).

    • Does the app cost me?

      Nope! The app is free of cost.

    • Can I create multiple profile under the same mobile number?

      You can only create one profile with one mobile number.

    • If app is uninstalled, is it necessary to re-register?

      No, there is no need to re-register. Just use your mobile number.

    • If I've requested once but there is no response, what happens then?

      Please check your internet and GPS connectivity, and Request a Ride again. If there is no response, it is possible that riders are unavailable at that point. Please try again, later.

  • Getting a Car
    • How do I hire a car?

      You can use the app to select your pick up location and destination and then request for a car.

    • Which areas does Pathao cover?

      Pathao Rides is currently only available in Dhaka and Chittagong, but we are working on setting up operations in other major cities. To be the first to catch our rides in your home town, keep in touch and follow us on:

    • At what times of a day I can avail the car service?

      You can avail a car from 7 A.M. to 10 P.M.

    • How can I cancel my car?

      You can’t cancel a car once you’ve ordered it. You have to bear the standard hiring cost of tk. 25 in such scenario.

    • How much does a car cost?

      DHAKA: Every journey is priced according to a base fare of Tk 50/- + Tk. 20/- per km + Tk. 2.5/- per min. The fare will be calculated by the app

      Chittagong: Every journey is priced according to a base fare of Tk 60/- + Tk. 24/- per km + Tk. 2.5/- per min. The fare will be calculated by the app

    • Is there any kind of waiting charges?

      There are no waiting charges for traffic jams. There is a waiting charge for voluntary pauses.

    • How many passengers can use one car?

      Upto Four passenger can use one car.

    • Do I get to hire a car for someone else by my account?

      You can hire a car for someone else by your account. You just have to confirm the car about the order identity.

    • Can I book several cars?

      You can book one car at a time.

  • The car
    • How does Pathao ensure the reliability of the driver?

      The drivers are being screened through a rigorous recruitment program, and only the drivers who meet the qualities of a safe driver are retained. Then they have been trained thoroughly on field.

    • How does Pathao ensure the reliability of the cars?

      Pathao conducts thorough safety checks of the cars once every week. Any repairs or changes are made immediate after spotting an issue.

    • Do I get any damage coverage or insurance?

      You will get full damage coverage if such scenario occurs.

    • What if the car doesn’t show up?

      If the car doesn’t show up you can put a complaint via our hotline.

    • What if the car comes late?

      If the car comes late, you can put a complaint via our hotline for such occurrence too.

    • How do I provide feedback for a drive?

      If you are happy enough to share your experience, feel free to share your story in our official Facebook page. If you have any complaint you can use our hotline.

    • What are the payment options?

      Currently you can only pay by cash on reaching the destination.