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Sit Back, Relax and Watch the Money Roll in!

Do you Wanna Make Extra Money Without Working?

Chattogram, sit back, relax and watch the money roll in!

Want to make some extra cash but don’t want to work for it? Well, Pathao is here to give you that opportunity. We are very excited to introduce a new referral campaign where you can make money every time your newly referred bike or car driver complete 20 trips within 15 days. Also, the person you refer gets to earn as well.

Simply put, you get a driver to join Pathao and we pay you handsomely for it. I bet you’re interested to hear more. Okay, let’s break this down.

Reward Structure


Refer a bike rider to join Pathao, when the rider completes 20 trips within 15 days from joining, you’ll get 500 Tk. Similarly refer a car driver to join Pathao and he completes 20 trips in 15 days, you can get upto 1000 Tk. That’s not all, your referred bike rider and car driver will get 700 Tk and 2000 Tk respectively for their involvement in this referral program. And here’s the best part, there’s no limit on the number of bike riders/car drivers you can refer. You get paid each time your referees complete 20 trips within 15 days. In this case, they must also start commencing Pathao trips within 5 days of joining.

Making money has never been this easy so we recommend you spread the word and start referring. Share this campaign with your friends and family and give them the chance to get in on this superb opportunity.

Terms and Conditions –

  • Participants of this referral campaign are not eligible to receive any incentives (i.e. joining bonus) from other campaigns.
  • You can only refer bike riders and car drivers within Chattogram.
  • Both new and existing customers can avail this offer.
  • Referred drivers must be new drivers and have never given any previous Pathao ride.
  • Drivers must commence taking trips within 5 days of verification.
  • The driver referral google form will expire on 2 Aug 2018.
  • There’s no limit to the number of drivers users can refer.
  • The referral bonus for users and drivers will be sent to their MFS account numbers.
  • The referral bonus of users and drivers shall be disbursed within 3 working days of driver completing his target.
  • If users do not submit their MFS account in the google form, referral bonus will be disbursed to their Pathao Pay account within 3 working days again.
  • A user will be rewarded only once for one new referral.
  • A user must take at least 1 trip after referring the driver to be eligible for this offer.
  • If multiple users refer the same driver, then the first user to refer the driver will qualify for the bonus.
  • Any fraudulent activity by the referred driver will disqualify the user and the driver from winning their referral bonus

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