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January 9, 2021

Pathao Sees Accelerated Digital Transformation in Bangladesh

In 2020, Pathao transformed its business by moving towards sustainability and focusing on user experience. We have improved our market leadership position while operating with a positive margin in each of our verticals: ride-sharing, food delivery, and e-commerce logistics. Our businesses have recovered to pre-pandemic levels, driven by increased digital adoption from our growing user base.

During the past year, we also accelerated our path to developing the country’s largest digital platform, by leveraging our product and technology excellence to launch several new services: grocery & essentials, e-commerce, health, entertainment, and games.

We have seen a recent article regarding Pathao in an international media outlet. The article refers to an accounting treatment made by GO-JEK over a year ago in May 2019, related to its investment in Pathao, as reported in GO-JEK’s financial statements for 2019. GO-JEK continues to be one of Pathao’s major shareholders.

Pathao has brought in among the largest amount of foreign direct investment to date, into Bangladesh’s emerging tech ecosystem. In 2021, we look forward to introducing exciting new services that have already attracted strong interest from global investors and will facilitate Bangladesh’s digital transformation.

About Pathao:
As Bangladesh’s largest ride-sharing, e-commerce delivery, and food delivery platform, Pathao has helped empower thousands of people towards self-employment and improving their lives. Every employee at Pathao is working tirelessly, continuously improving Pathao for all our customers and partners. We are determined to ensure safety and make a positive impact on the lives of people at every socioeconomic level and continuously working towards the goal of moving Bangladesh forward. Pathao is the major first ride-sharing platform to be recognized by the government under the Ride Sharing Guidelines 2018. It is currently operating as a digital lifestyle platform providing the solution to everyday necessities.