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Payment with Pathao is Even Simpler with bKash!

Digital Payment

To make your Digital Payment with Pathao even simpler, Pathao has partnered with bKash! Make your payment completely hassle free with minimum clicks on the Pathao app with bKash. No need to worry about change anymore!


How to Use digital payment:

Digital PaymentStep 1 : Once your ride has ended, choose your method of payment and click “Digital Payment”.








Digital PaymentStep 2: Then, select the bKash option.








Digital PaymentStep 3: When the bKash payment screen shows up, input your bKash account number. And put a tick on “I agree to the terms and conditions”.

Press ‘PROCEED’ once you are done. You will receive an SMS afterwards.







Digital Payment

Step 4ঃ Go to your SMS/Messages app. You will receive a 6 digit OTP (verification code) from bKash. But Do not share this code with anyone else. Copy the code and return to your Pathao app.







Digital Payment


Step 5: Input the OTP (verification code) from bKash within 2 minutes. Then click proceed.


In case you do not receive any code from bKash, you can click the ‘RESEND CODE’ button to get another verification code.




Digital Payment

Step 6: Finally input the secret PIN for your bKash account and press confirm.  








Digital Payment

Step 7: Once you see this ‘Success’ screen, your payment has gone through. It’s that simple!




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